Biden Threatens To Assault President Trump With A ‘Smack In The Mouth’

Former Vice President Joe Biden fancies himself as some kind of tough street fighter who could defeat President Donald trump in a fight.

In an interview with CNN host Chris Cuomo on “Cuomo Prime Time” on Thursday he threatened to hit the president, and it is not the first time.

“You walk behind me in a debate, come here man. You know me too well. The idea that I’d be intimidated by Donald Trump?” he said.

“He’s the bully that I knew my whole life. He’s the bully that I’ve always stood up to. He’s the bully [that] used to make fun [of me] when I was a kid and I stutter and I’d smack him in the mouth,” he said.

He made many threats in the interview, and one of which was directed at his fellow Democrats, in particular Sen. Kamala Harris.

President Trump was informed by reporters of the former vice president’s threat and responded the way a statesman should.

“I don’t think I’m a bully at all. I just don’t like being taken advantage of by other countries, by pharmaceutical companies, by all of the people that have taken advantage of this country,” he said.

“You look at what Joe Biden has done with China, we’ve lost our shirts with China, and now China is dying to make a deal,” he said.

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“We’re taking, by the way, billions and billions of dollars in tariffs are coming in and China’s paying for it, not our people,” he said.

“So if you look at what he’s done, and if you look at what we’ve straightened out—I call it the Obama-Biden mess,” he said.

“We’re straightening it out, whether it’s North Korea—You were going to end up in a war with North Korea, as sure as you’re standing there, and now the relationship is a good relationship, we’ll see what happens,” he said.

Biden has threatened to hit the president in the past, in one instance he threatened to fight him behind the gym of a school.

Crazy Uncle Joe Biden is at it again, and this time he said he’d like to fight Donald Trump “behind the gym.” Trump responded, “Some things in life you could really love doing,” according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

Biden, who usually has his hands full groping any women and children that are in his vicinity, got upset when asked about comments Trump made 11 years ago on tape about women. Creepy Uncle Joe got so upset when asked if he would like to debate Trump that he said that he wished he could go back to high school because he “could take him behind the gym.”

It seems like Biden’s comments were a skosh defensive, probably because unlike Trump, who just talked about being able to grope women who would be willing because of his star status, Biden is actually on camera groping women and children.

But what does the media do? “Oh that’s just Uncle Joe, he’s harmless. Wait, just don’t sit on his lap, okay? Or get in his van. Isn’t he charming?”

Trump wasn’t too concerned about creepy Joe and his empty threats. At a rally in Florida on Tuesday, Trump responded to gropey Biden’s blowhard comments, courtesy of the U.K. Daily Mail:

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